Upcoming Events

$70.16 thru 7/31/2024

Prices include service fees.


To access the website you must be a member. Please apply to the free membership and once approved you will gain access. Membership takes around 1 week to process.

Mission Statement:

The Colorado KNKE Camping LLC (also known as KNKE) is a private, not-for-profit, ADULT MEMBERS ONLY organization that exists for the purpose of organizing events for our local community’s camping enthusiasts who wish to exercise their freedom of expression and freedom to practice (or simply observe) unusual forms of not-for-pay entertainment & unusual not-for-pay art forms in a natural setting (including but not limited to performances of “adult theatrical scenes”, “wax play”, “fire play”, & much more). All KNKE Events or Activities are PRIVATE events open only to ADULTS 21 years or older who are active, current KNKE members. KNKE does not discriminate based on race, gender orientation, sexual orientation/preferences, age, orientation, philosophy, religion, or belief systems. KNKE encourages diversity, open- mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, & a sense of community in its membership.

Replacing Equipment
As we head in to the final month of preparation for the June camp, there are still some items we need to replace after the theft. We have created an Amazon Wish List to make it easy for any of our community that wants to help.

We want to thank the many people who have donated items off of our list or donated funds to let us buy the items we need to setup and run this fun week end for our community. We have acquired a new and better play tent, tables, and are building new play furniture.

The staff of CO KNKE Camping LLC have never and will never be paid a cent for our work, it is a labor of love for our community.


Or if you wish to donate money, here is the link.