Colorado KNKE Camping started back in 2009. Even though the stewardship has changed the event still stands the same. Colorado KNKE Camping is an event for people to have adult fun in the woods. We have space on private land that is secluded enough for everyone to play and camp. This our events are filled with different activities, meeting new people, and reuniting with old friends. It is a place where judgement is suspended, and you can pretty much act how you want as long as you're Sane and Safe. Events we host are camping, campfires sing-alongs, hiking, archery, primal hunts, and classes. We have a play space tent onsite with a cross, tables and whipping post. Many bring their own furniture and share. For classes, we have hosted presenters teaching things like, “It’s All About the Butt,” “Sounding,” “Polyamory,” among others. 

Mission Statement:

The Colorado KNKE Camping LLC(also known as KNKE) is a private, not-for-profit, ADULT MEMBERS ONLY organization that exists for the purpose of organizing events for our local community’s camping enthusiasts who wish to exercise their freedom of expression and freedom to practice (or simply observe) unusual forms of not-for-pay entertainment & unusual not-for- pay art forms in a natural setting (including but not limited to performances of “adult theatrical scenes”, “wax play”, “fire play”, & much more). All KNKE Events or Activities are PRIVATE events open only to ADULTS 21 years or older who are active, current KNKE members. KNKE does not discriminate based on race, gender orientation, sexual orientation/preferences, age, orientation, philosophy, religion, or belief systems. KNKE encourages diversity, open- mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, & a sense of community in its membership.

If you come up for a day or for the entire weekend, it is fun place to play, relax and enjoy being with others of the same mind frame.

Website rules:

  1. This group is for members of Colorado KNKE Camping only. This group was established for those with an interest in adult camping. 
  2. You must be over 21 years of age.
  3. Be Kind. We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment.
  4. Please respect the content
  5. Photos should not be shared or copied. 
  6. Do not share your username or password with anyone.
 CO KNKE Camping operates under the following Bylaws


Board Members

Mazter Redcat (pronouns: he/him, they)

Mazter Redcat (Mazter_Redcat on Fet) has been active in the Denver BDSM Community area for over fifteen years. He has volunteered at "Thunder" as Dungeon Build Crew, works as a DM at Sanctuary, and is a Volunteer Mentor for others in the community.  His aspirations to eventually run for a D/s title in the future pushes Himself to move into presentations that He feels are valuable to the community. He specializes in electrical play, fire play, sensory depravation, massage, and impact play. Known by many for wearing the red & white striped tails, Mazter Redcat is always approachable and loves conversations.

Amanda Panda (pronouns: she/her)

My name is Amanda or Panda or both. I will not respond to anything else sadly. I am a photographer in the kink community. I will always be open to do private photoshoots. I will be able to give you the pictures on the spot and you can request photos to be edited later. I do a variety of photography for a variety of kinks or just everyday photos needed.

I have been in the community for about 10 years, and I work as a house manager at the Sanctuary part time. My camp favorite types of play outside of photography are wax, fire cups, and rope.

Kilted Patrick (pronouns: he/him)

Unless you wear His collar, no one is required to call him Master. That is a sign of respect that he strives to earn every day. Born in Denver, Patrick grew up in Vancouver, Canada. He has been involved in the Denver BDSM community since 2002, when he wanted to dig into his interest in spanking women in school girls skirts that he had felt since he was in Catholic private school. Patrick sees importance in supporting organizations that share the goal of helping individuals find their fulfillment through consensual sexual expression and power exchange. He is regularly involved in events that introduce people outside the BDSM community to the fun of exploring their kinky desires where he has set up stations to give people a taste of what we do and talk to them about where they can find resources for what they are interested in. He has a real passion for acting as an Ambassador to the kinky community. He enjoys a good cigar, scotch, rum and sharing stories. Master Patrick also builds Dungeon Furniture.

Melissa (pronouns: she/her)

(mel-lisa on Fetlife) Hello everybody, I’m very glad you have chosen to explore KNKE and the great outdoors. At camp I am usually found with my tits hanging out, it has become somewhat of a tradition. I love being outdoors and spending time with like minded people. My camp favorite kinks include; wax, fire, littles story time and crafts, and being somewhat adventurous. If you need anything, have any questions or are new to camp please feel free to find me. I’m happy to help however I can and enjoy meeting new people.

Brian M(pronouns: they/them)

Hello, I’m Brian M. I make things, LOTS of things! I love to create this with wood including dungeon furniture. At camp I can be found helping with set up and take down. I enjoy rope, fire play, wax play and a good spanking, both the giving and receiving.

Staff Members

Lucinda (pronouns: she/her)

(As_I_Wish on Fet) A caffeine-dependent life form, Lucinda is a dynamic ENM individual, solo polyamorous, BDSM enthusiastic, constantly evolving, Goddess leaning and empathic person, who hopes to be helpful to her community with volunteer activities such as KNKE staff marketing and bottoming for educational opportunities to continue learning and growth.  She loves a good party, kinky camping or dungeon session – emits a strange maniacal laughter though.... She’s received a good bit of medical and survival-based training with an intense military background and although not physically imposing, might just be a great friend to have in a difficult moment. Easy to talk to should you have questions, concerns, need guidance etc. on the mountain.  Make sure to say Hi! 

Brian H (Pronouns He/him)

Also known around camp as the Kilted Lumberjack, Brian has been active to varying degrees in the Denver kink community since 2013. He has volunteered with Colorado Leather Fest, served as a DM at the Sanctuary, co-taught BDSM introduction classes and taught fire play. He has been a mentor for those exploring polyamory and power/authority exchange dynamics. As an advocate for accountability in creating safe and accessible spaces. He also talks a lot about mental health issues and social activism. Major play passions include fire and knife play along with a range of impact plays including rough body play. 

Special thanks to the people who have put in significant help over the years


Master Robert